Three implements in one

Flexibal is a strong and very flexible implement. The arms are operated hydraulically, with the steel tubes rolling under the bale. The steel tubes roll under the bale without damaging it when it is being handled. The generous length and diameter of the tubes distribute the pressure evenly over the bale preventing damage to the plastic wrapping when being handled. The steel tubes are quickly and easily removed when transporting straw or hay bales. When the steel tubes are removed, Flexibal may also be used for moving pallets (max. 1000 kg).

As an option, Flexibal may be fitted with an adjustable bale support on the back of the implement. This gives the possibility to handle larger bales and to stack bales on their ends.

For safety we strongly recommend the bale support especially if the Loader is without parallel linkage or for tractors without a cab.

Machine Type Trima FEL